Make your way to the iPod in the Core Main Office. Go behind the counter and into the corner underneath the TV hanging from the wall. Open the iPod, and find the song for your specific day and period. With the song ready, pick up the receiver of the phone 30 second before the bell rings and then press number 4, which is labeled "All." Press play on the iPod and hold the receiver about four inches away from the receiver. When the bell rings hang up the phone by hitting the button, and put the receiver back. Press pause on the iPod, and then press the power button, leaving it next to the phone. Get your bell music form signed if it's the appropriate day.


Before ushering, pick up your Tri-M ushering vest. Arrive at the performance site at least 30 minutes before the concert starts (times vary, see individual sign up), wearing dress black (no jeans or sweatpants) and the Tri-M ushering vest. Before the concert greet concertgoers, hold open doors for them, and distribute programs. You must stay the duration of the performance, and during the performance, watch the doors to make sure they close are open and closed quietly, so they do not disrupt the performance. At the end of the performance or in the days following, get the teacher or adult in charge to sign your service form.


Service forms must be completed for every event and activity completed except bell music (separate form). Blank service forms can be found in a folder under your respective Tri-M class whiteboard. Completed forms can be handed in to the "Completed Forms" folder also under your Tri-M Whiteboard. If a discrepancy exists between recorded and performed service, please fill out a contact form.